Joe Bruns. Illinois, US.
I just purchased Real Time Query 2.01, and I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with it.
I downloaded several other programs of the same type, but I couldn't get them installed properly.
While I have a good working knowledge of computers, the instructions for these programs were very poor.
Your documentation is great! No problems at all installing and customizing the program.
Thank you very much for such a nice program.

RealTimeQuery live help system, testimonials Leandro S.M. São Paulo, Brasil.
We found your program very interestanting to speak directly with our customers.
RealtimeQuery 2.0 is very wonderfull.

RealTimeQuery live help system, testimonials Bill Mullen, Durant OK, US.
WOW! Thank you for such a wonderful tool. I purchased Real Time Query three days ago and today I have been online with a few potential customers and just moments ago got my first sale as a direct result of Real Time Query. I could tell by the conversation that they were impressed that we had such a means of communication available. Being able to answer her questions on the spot allowed me to close the sale where in the past I only could hope for a continued dialog via email. This is an awesome tool that I would gladly recommend. Also, I want to commend you on the excellent support and assistance you have provided the past couple of days.

RealTimeQuery live help system, testimonials Carl Lilley, United Kingdom.
I now have two web sites being monitored, brilliant!
I am a big fan of small companies looking after each other, and this is just the sort of offering that small companies can adopt in order to offer the facilities/services of larger companies.

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