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Can I have my own web interface skin?
Yes, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish a customized skin adapted to your company brand. We can build a customized skin that match your website colours and fonts, also it is possible to include your company logo. You can get your own customized skin for free depending on the amount of licenses you had purchased.

Which port?
you can select your favourite port, only requirement is that the port should be greater than 1024, RealTimeQuery uses the port 7220 by default.

Can I save logs?
Yes, the program saves a log for each chat.

Do you have push page feature?

File Transfer?

I am in a LAN behind a router.
You need to configure NAT, the same process used to open ports for any service running inside a LAN.

But I do not have static IP.
It works with dynamic too.

How I’ll be alerted when a visitor calls me?
The program alerts you with an alert window, also with sound.
When configured to do so, you can be alerted about some other events like operators activity, new visitors on your website or instant messages.

Does the visitor has to install any software?
No, the RealTimeQuery web interface is based on flash, 95% of Internet users have it installed, they do not need to install anything.

Can I get support?
Yes, you can get support by email, questions are usually answered before 1 business day.

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Live help for websites

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