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Why choose our live help software?

There are important differences between our product and the products of our competitors, these are some of them.

Why this live help solution? Our live help system have NO monthly fees , you pay the license only once.
Why this live help solution? RealTimeQuery can be integrated in your website with or without opening a popup window .
Why this live help solution? With RealTimeQuery you do not depend on us , the program able you to talk with your visitors directly.
Why this live help solution? The operator interface is not web based . Chat with your visitors without opening a web browser.
Why this live help solution? RealTimeQuery is flexible . It can be implemented everywhere. You can, for example, embed it in a help file.
Why this live help solution? RealTimeQuery is easy to use.

Registration benefits

Registration benefits No dialog reminds you to register.
Registration benefits Technical support via e-mail.
Registration benefits Free Minor Updates and Bug Fixes.
Registration benefits Large discounts on major upgrades.

Buy 1 copy USD: 199.95 USD: 199.95


Your payment will not go to the RealTimeQuery's page directly, we process orders through Plimus, a company with a proven track record of safe and secure ecommerce transactions.
We accept payment by credit card, bank/wire transfer, check, phone, cash or PayPal.

purchase live help software Buy through Plimus.

Volume discounts:

Need Software Licenses for multiple users? Save money with RealTimeQuery's volume license options.
The following table shows the discounts applied to purchases of more than 1 license at the same time.
When purchasing multiples licenses you will receive a different license key for each copy.

Buy 2 copies USD: 174.07 USD: 399.90
USD: 348.14
Save 12.94 %
Buy 3 copies USD: 160.51 USD: 599.85
USD: 481.53
Save 19.68 %
Buy 4 copies USD: 151.53 USD: 799.80
USD: 606.12
Save 24.21 %
Buy 5 copies USD: 144.92 USD: 999.75
USD: 724.60
Save 27.52 %
Buy 10 copies USD: 126.16 USD: 1999.50
USD: 1261.60
Save 36.90 %
Buy 20 copies USD: 109.83 USD: 3999.00
USD: 2196.60
Save 45.07 %
Buy 30 copies USD: 101.27 USD: 5998.50
USD: 3038.10
Save 49.35 %
Buy 40 copies USD: 95.61 USD: 7998.00
USD: 3824.40
Save 52.18 %
Buy 50 copies USD: 91.44 USD: 9997.50
USD: 4597.00
Save 54.26 %
100+ copies Please contact us for quantities over 100 Licenses

Live help for websites
Live help for websites

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